Discover our Paw Washing and Drying Mitt:


We at Smoozle and Bone are always looking for new ways to make your life much easier. This is why we have carefully designed the perfect solution to quickly wipe those muddy paws. Our Drying Mitt is absolutely essential in ensuring your carpets do not get dirty after your routinely walk.


This product also works lovely with our doggy soap bars when cleaning down muddy paws!


We would recommend hand washing your drying mitt; however, they can be washed at a cool temperature of 30 degrees.


Please see our range of colours down below:

1. Petrol Blue

2. Light Grey 

3. Royal Blue

4. Mint

5. Mustard

6. Pink

7. Bright Blue


Please note our light grey is the towel seen at second mitt in  it’s a light grey with an ever so slight blue


Paw Washing / Drying Mitt Sizing:

Approximately 15 cm x 26 cm

Paw Washing / Drying Mitt

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